First-time home buyers

New graduates often dream of buying their first home, but are faced with the harsh reality that house prices have increased significantly. You’re wondering about the best ways to save a down payment and manage your student debt. Many investment vehicles are available to you (e.g., TFSAs, RRSPs, TFSAs), but you don’t know where to start.

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Managing my debts

How do I create a sensible repayment plan?

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Planning the purchase of my first home

What are the available options when buying a first home?

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Finance 101

Where do I start?

The financial risks

Poor money management regarding your priorities.

Misunderstanding of available deductions and tax credits.

Underestimation of the impact of a long-term disability.

Does this sound similar to your situation?

Let’s create your financial plan together

Components of financial planning

Personal and family

  1. Marital status
  2. Rights of common-law spouses
  3. Rights and obligations of marriage
  4. Division of family assets
  5. Responsibilities of a liquidator, mandatary, or trustee

Statement of financial position

  1. Tracking of changes in net worth
  2. Cost of living and budget evaluation
  3. Emergency fund options
  4. Adjustment of discrepancies between investor profile and current asset allocation
  5. Strategies for budget management
  6. Strategies for debt management

Fiscal status

  1. Information about deductions, tax credits, socio-fiscal programs
  2. Strategies for reducing the family tax burden
  3. Investment taxation optimization
  4. Evaluation of capital cost allowance (CCA) eligibility
  5. Evaluation of net capital losses carried forward

Living benefits

  1. Evaluation of protections against illness and accidents
    • Disability insurance (salary, credit, office expenses)
    • Critical illness insurance
    • Drug and paramedical insurance
    • Travel insurance
  2. Insurance strategy to address gaps in coverage
  3. Legal documents in the event of incapacity.

Retirement projections

  1. Evaluation of cost of living, savings capacity, and retirement income sources
  2. Actions to be taken and timetable for closing the distance and reaching your goals
  3. Strategies for:
    • Optimal allocation of pre-retirement savings
    • Disbursement of retirement capital that accounts for sociofiscal programs
    • Survival risk management

Situation at death

  1. Assessment of protections held
  2. Assessment of estate liquidity and insurance strategies to address gaps in coverage
  3. Life insurance
  4. Assessment of legal documents
  5. Consistency between preferred transmission and any that might otherwise prevail.
  6. Strategies for ensuring that wishes are respected, optimizing taxes, and controlling bequeathed assets

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