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At APOGIA Financial Services, our expertise goes beyond financial planning. We work to make your financial goals a reality, using our strategic tools. We put our business network to work, for our customers. Reaching your financial peak is much easier and more enjoyable when it can be done with a sense of purpose, and peace of mind.

Phases of life



You’re already retired, or your retirement is just around the corner. You’re watching the cost of living rise, steadily. Sometimes, you worry about running out of money in your old age.



You’re well established in life, your children are grown, and retirement is just around the corner. You’re increasingly interested in having a detailed retirement plan in place, and you wonder how to best go about doing that.


Asset accumulation

You have some assets. Your family is grown and you already own your first home. You live with the ever-present question of where to invest your money.


First-time home buyers

New graduates often dream of buying their first home, but are faced with the harsh reality that house prices have increased significantly.

Three steps to reaching your financial goals!

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Step 1

Complete a questionnaire to assess your situation

Complete a short questionnaire to discover which financial phase best describes your situation.

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Step 2

Book an introductory financial planning meeting

Book an appointment to learn more about our services and to start preparing a financial plan. It’s easy, and it’s free!

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Step 3

Implement and follow up on your action plan

Already have a plan with us, but want to follow up or make changes? Book an appointment online now.  

Let’s look at your financial situation

This questionnaire will only take you two minutes to complete. Your answers will help us get a more accurate picture of your financial situation. This information will help us take practical steps to create a strategic plan for your personal and family finances.

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